Nursing Toddlers are Fun

One of the misconceptions about breastfeeding is that it is for small babies only, and that once babies can walk and talk they are probably too old to nurse.  But in my experience, that is when the fun really starts!  When you have  a toddler that is nursing, you have the benefit of being able to be apart from them for a while without them NEEDING to nurse.  Yet you can still enjoy the closeness and the cuddles that come with the nursing relationship when you are together.  I’m not even going to address  all the health benefits in this post.

Back to the fun part.  When you have a toddler that is nursing, they can really show you how much they appreciate it!  I tried to get my little Lion cub to do his “happy milkie” dance of anticipation for the camera, but he wouldn’t cooperate.  If I ever catch it on video, I will show you.

I only wish I had seen him when my mom took him through the lingerie department at Target.  He gazed up, down, and all around in wonderment.  It looked like a buffet to him!  He shouted, “ME!  ME ME ME ME!”  (Me-me is his way of saying milkies.)  He thought the lingerie department was better than the toy aisles.

Can your newborn nursling be THAT entertaining?  I didn’t think so.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Cynthia
    Jul 25, 2010 @ 10:22:12

    That IS entertaining!

    My favourite was all the times I had to nurse not only the toddler, but his dinosaur/firetruck/stuffed giraffe too. Silly kid.



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