Concert magic with Lisa Loeb

I had the fabulous opportunity to take my kids to a Lisa Loeb concert the other night night.  I hesitated to take them, mostly because any activities we normally do are done by dinner time.  But since it was free, I figured I would give it a try–and boy am I glad we went! During the opening act, we hung out in the back of the grassy area.

Blue Dragon made some friends.  Before long, Lion Cub couldn’t resist joining in the crazy fun.

I loved that fence kept the kids safely corralled, and I have to say, I loved the non-rash-inducing astroturf.  (Yes, this Wrangler Mama is allergic to grass… which means she is also allergic to hay.  Go figure.) After Lisa Loeb finally started playing, my friend came to find me.  She said her family was sitting up by the front and the kids were all running around and dancing in front of the stage.  It sounded too good to be true, but it wasn’t.  I was hoping this would be the chance for me to get a decent picture of Lisa, and I was not disappointed!

The dancing and fun wore on into the night.  Blue Dragon made 5 more new best friends, the way only little kids can do in a matter of minutes.

Blue Dragon found a new hero.  I’m planning to get her the  Camp Lisa CD for her birthday.

And we all enjoyed a satisfying mix of kid songs as well as some new and old songs from Lisa Loeb.

All in all, a magical night.

PS I tried to upload my video of Lisa singing her hit “Stay (I missed you),” but WordPress is not liking my video file.

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