I am so glad we are do-it-yourselfers.

Batman came down the stairs yesterday and said, “I used to always wonder how my dad knew how to fix so many different things. Now I understand.”
I love our house. But it is in serious need of HELP. The second Batman starts on one thing, something else breaks.
Example: our washing machine went kaput the other day. Batman has been trying to figure out what’s wrong with it. He went upstairs to take a shower before going to bed. The handle for the shower faucet broke.
Another example: Batman took some paneling from the inside of our house to replace some rotted boards on the outside of the house. (They don’t make the same boards that they did in 1947 anymore!) When he went to put drywall on the inside where he had taken the boards, he discovered that there are rotten studs that will have to be replaced first.
I haven’t seen the movie The Money Pit. Maybe I should. Or maybe I should have before we bought the house.
Sometimes the repairs seem like an avalanche and all we have is shovel.
Excuse me while I go paint the railing.

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