Midwife FAQ #1: “So are you having a homebirth?”

No, I’m not.  I live a little too far for my midwife to do a home birth for me, but I like her birth center just fine!  It was basically like having a homebirth, only it was at someone else’s home.  (She doesn’t actually live there though.)   In fact, I REALLY liked her birth center.  And I loved having a waterbirth (details on that will be in another FAQ post).  Honestly, I feel a lot more comfortable with the idea of me telling my husband that it’s time to take me to the birth center instead of trying to explain to him how to set up the birth tub while we wait for the midwife to arrive.  Nevermind that the birthing suites at the center are 10xs nicer than any room in my house.  🙂

Also, we live on a mountain.  There are only a couple roads to get down, and sometimes they get closed due to accidents, extreme weather, or the results of extreme weather.  I’d rather just plan to go to the birth center once I’m sure I’m in active labor.  Then if an emergency arises, there is a hospital nearby.  My midwife even does orientation for the local EMTs so they are familiar with the birth center should an emergency arise.  If I were at home and needed to get to the hospital quickly, it would take 25 minutes in the best of circumstances.  So I feel safer at the birth center.

While this last tidbit is not a deciding factor, I have to say that if I were in labor at my house, I would feel… watched.  We have FABULOUS neighbors.  I am sure that the Blue Dragon and Lion Cub will stay at one of the neighbors when I go to have this baby.  I am also sure that because my neighbors are so fabulous, they would absolutely NOT be knocking on the door wanting to know how things are going.  But I know that they would be wondering, and when I am in labor I like to retreat into a secret cave.  I wouldn’t want to hear the neighbors getting into their cars or coming home and wonder if they knew I was in labor and if they were staring at my house.  Crazy paranoid, right?   The birth center is so nice for privacy, especially compared to a hospital!  I had the whole place to myself and did not feel self-conscious about making noises or anything like that.

That’s about it for question #1!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lexi
    Jan 15, 2011 @ 17:34:10

    Congratulations on the baby! My sister is having her second (a boy) in April. She too is using a midwife but doing it at home. Are you going to find out if it a boy or a girl?



  2. Wrangler Mama
    Jan 15, 2011 @ 18:10:17

    Awww, congrats Auntie Lexi!
    I remember when her first one was born and we were waiting and waiting for the phone call (I was on duty that night).

    We aren’t sure if we are going to try to find out the gender this time! We were just talking about that.



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