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If there is anything I learned from working around horses that would help me with pregnancy and childbirth, I can sum it up with the cliché “a watched pot never boils.”  I haven’t ever been around a large breeding operation, but any expectant mare I have  known has waited until everyone disappeared and the barn got quiet… then BAM she’d have that foal out in the blink of an eye before anyone realized she was in labor.

My labors with both the Blue Dragon and the Lion Cub were very different, but they started out in much the same way — at a time when I least expected it.  With the Blue Dragon, I was watching “The Gilmore Girls” alone when the first contraction hit me.  Even though I was almost a week past my due date, I wasn’t thinking about going into labor or looking for signs.  In fact, I think I’d resigned myself to the idea that I’d be pregnant forever.  The Lion Cub came just over three weeks early.  I had gone to bed and listened to my Hypnobabies CD.  By the time the CD was over I realized that 1) it was unusual I was still awake, since the CDs usually put me to sleep and that 2) I’d had a good handful of mild, yet “real,” contractions during the CD track, which was only  about 30 minutes long.  Again, I certainly wasn’t looking for labor to start!

Yet what have I been doing the last couple weeks?  Analyzing my body for every little sign of labor (not that there have been very many of those) and trying to plan which days would work best to have the baby.  I am now 38 weeks and 4 days along, and  since the Lion Cub came so early I’d been hoping this one would too.  But no amount of planning or guessing will make this baby come at any given time, so I’m going to try to back off and stop watching myself, try to keep the barn as quiet as possible, and just let things happen as they will — as if I have any choice about that part!

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