Things That Happened During My Ten-Minute Ab Workout

1. The lion cub came and sat in front of me to stare at me, alternately saying, “What are you doing?” “I’m hungry,” and “Can you get me something to eat?”  (Please note that he had just turned down pretzels.)

2. The Baby tried using me as a jungle gym.  I pressed on with the exercises, trying to ignore the 20 extra pounds that was throwing off my balance.

3. The Blue Dragon started yelling from the bathroom, “There’s no more toilet paper!”  When I told her where there was more, she proceeded to throw a fit, saying she couldn’t get it.  I told her I was busy.  Eventually the fit stopped.  Later on I asked her, “Were you able to find the toilet paper?” and she said, “What for?”

4. The Baby fell over (miraculously NOT a result of trying to climb on me) and spent the rest of the workout time blubbering while the Blue Dragon tried to comfort her.


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