Thanks a lot, DJ Lance

My 2-year-old Kangaroo is quite possibly the sweetest, happiest child I’ve ever met–with two exceptions:
1) She refuses to say “thank you.”
2) She refuses to say “I love you.”
There was one occasion a few weeks ago where I did get her to say “love you” to me at bed time, twice in a row. But that’s it.
Until we were in the shower just a couple days ago. She started whining, and I said, “Here, play with Gabba,” and I handed her some Yo Gabba Gabba bath toys. She grabbed a stump with eyes and said, very clearly, “Gabba! I love you!”
To a stump. With eyes.
The end.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Mom
    Aug 03, 2013 @ 23:27:44

    Aw, so sorry she doesn’t love you! The other ones do! Maybe the new one will too! haahhahahhahhhahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!



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