How hard is it to get one good photo?

Today I dressed my kids in matching tees that have a little monkey holding a suitcase and saying, “That’s it!  I’m going to Grandma’s!”   This mandated a photo shoot of them together.  Right?

Here’s the best shot I got where you can (mostly) see their shirts.

Here is what I went through to get it.

Lion Cub getting adventurous.

And Blue Dragon flying high.

That’s my Lion Cub saying “Cheese!”  (sounds more like “deese!”)

Finally I resorted to bribary.  (Sit nice for mommy and you can have a cookie!)

This works with horses too.

“What?  Do I hear you opening a peppermint?”

“Is that the hay wagon we hear???”

Some lessons from wrangling horses do translate to kids quite well.

(PS: camera settings for the kids’ pics today: f2.8, 1/200 (I think), ISO 800.  The first pic I did brighten and sharpen a bit and the rest are SOOC.  The horse pics are scanned from old film prints.)


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