A Moment of Astonishing Insightfulness from a Three-Year-Old

I nearly posted this as a Facebook status update, but it was too precious for that.

Today the kids’ Bible study teacher asked them to say what their favorite thing was about each other.  My lion cub said about his big sister, “Jesus in her.”

“Jesus in her.”

How could I be any prouder–of my Blue Dragon for being a good example to her little brother or of my Lion Cub for seeing the Jesus in his sister beyond all the crazy wildness and sibling rivalry?

May we all look beyond the shortcomings of our brothers and sisters in Christ to see the Jesus in them.


Bible Lesson with the Kiddos

This morning’s Bible story was about Jacob and Esau.  We have been reading through a children’s Bible that has short stories and questions for each day.  The first question was “What is a birthright?”

The Blue Dragon answered, “I don’t know… it’s hard to tell — a bone or a sock?”

Despite the results of today’s lesson, I am often surprised at her answers and how well she understands the stories and what is going on.  I highly recommend this little book, and the price can’t be beat!

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